FIM X - Gwint zewnetrzny INOX: System tunel


FIM X - Gwint zewnetrzny INOX

FIM X - Gwint zewnetrzny INOX

FIM...X316 - Stainless steel AISI 316L male fittings for STDX pipes with metallic continuity - IMQ. Quick fit fittings allow the connection with Teaflex stainless steel pipe STDX AISI 304 and AISI 316L, reducing time of installation and ensuring an high IP rating. FIM fittings are cheap and easy to install. Particularly suitable for harsh environment installation where a high resistance of the materials is required: highways and railways (including tunnels), chemical and petrochemical, farmaceutical, food industry sectors.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
FIM16M16X316 MALE CONNECTOR FIM16 AISI316 20 Download
FIM20M20X316 MALE CONNECTOR FIM20 AISI316 20 Download
FIM25M25X316 MALE CONNECTOR FIM25 AISI316 10 Download
FIM32M32X316 MALE CONNECTOR FIM32 AISI316 10 Download
FIM40M40X316 MALE CONNECTOR FIM40 AISI316 5 Download
FIM50M50X316 MALE CONNECTOR FIM50 AISI316 5 Download


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