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Solutions for protection of railway cables and railway infrastructure

Our products for railway industry contribute to make railway systems safe and reliable. Through decades of experience, we are able to provide ideal protection for railroad infrastructure.

Our products help to ensure safe and reliable operation of signaling, high voltage rail, protection and control systems, monitoring/information systems and safe operation of trains, streetcars, locomotives, freight cars, high-speed  trains.

Our range of special railway products provides protection for cables on trains and bogies, as well as overhead and underfloor equipment. We are also able to offer customized and tailor made solutions such as our “JUMPER” for connection of railcars. If required, electromagnetic shielding (EMC) can also be provided.

Our JAW FIT system offers protection against mechanical damage,  UV  effects, atmospheric agents and chemicals.

EN45545-2 certified products are being used for the installation,  upgrading, construction or maintenance of:

  • Train electrification lines
    construction, upgrading and maintenance of  conventional and high-speed lines  with copper and/or optical fiber cables;
  • Power cabins
    power conversion and/or processing;
  • Lighting and propulsion systems
    in stations and stops, tunnels, sidewalks, subways.

Benefits of using our products:

  • A reliable system easy to install;
  • High impact resistance even at low temperatures;
  • High compression strength;
  • Long-term bending strength;
  • Excellent chemical resistance;
  • Fire protection (flammability and smoke generation);
  • Excellent resistance to weathering.

Machine tools

A considerable number of cable protection systems are being used in mechanical engineering and construction of CNC machine tools such as milling, boring, drilling, packing, printing machines as well as complete automation lines, heating systems, ventilation, transport, lifting systems, palletizers, stackers, etc.

In the machine tool manufacturing industry , our products protect cables and data link against  fire,  ice, compression and tensile stresses and other external influences. Cables routing  in machinery must provide absolute protection, it is important  they can be easily integrated into prefabricated elements such as electrical substations.


Safety has top priority in marine field both  freight and passenger transport. In the shipbuilding industry, cables are subjected to high  stresses. Vibrations increase the risk of damage from overheating, abrasion and short circuit.

This is why our products are used to give greater protection to wiring on board ship.

Many shipping companies have relied on safety and reliability of our RINA certified products.

Automation and Robotics

In the automation and robotics field, products needed are those that can withstand stresses of rapid and frequent movements. Our solutions (conduits in polyamide 12 and polyamide 6 with relative fittings) for the “push” automation industry, i.e. subjected to multiple bending , fully meet these requirements.

Our automation cable protection system is designed to protect cables under extreme automation and robotic installation conditions. Through different types of conduits for different needs, a range of special accessories , torsion  is avoided and cables stresses are  minimized, allowing for a significant reduction in torsion forces.

Food Industry

Our products are also used in food Industry  to produce packaging machines. We have implemented special products (such as our FDA conduits) made from materials specifically designed for  this purpose. This material has excellent resistance to acids, bases and water-based compounds. It has in addition excellent electrical heat insulation characteristics.

Power generation plants

Energy is in demand all over the world and year by year in ever-increasing quantities.

Along with traditional coal, gas, atomic and hydroelectric power plants, in recent years, many environmentally friendly alternative power generation methods, have begun  to play an important role such as solar, wind and thermal/hydroelectric power plants.

Reliable and safe, continuous and uninterrupted operation is essential for all such complex installations. Our cable protection system  makes it possible in many cases, due to its high quality and durability, to ensure the functionality of these power generation facilities.


Secure wiring also plays a very important role in the IT and telecom field. It is critical to prevent cables from interfering with each other and to ensure that  messages and electrical signals are forwarded and processed. Teaflex products fully meet these special needs, they protect cables and fiber optic connections in highly critical and exposed locations.

Hazardous and explosive zones – nuclear, chemical, petrochemical plants – Atex products

Some of our products, particularly metal fittings and cable glands with compatible conduits supplied, can also be used in hazardous and explosive (dust and gas) areas  requiring Atex certification.  They are widely used in nuclear, chemical and petrochemical plants, thus particularly exposed to explosion risk.  They can be used in hazardous areas I-II according to the degree of classification of explosive gases and dusts. Teaflex conduits, braids and metal pipes within the Atex Exclusion Declaration can be installed in all potentially explosive zones (Zones: 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22).

Special applications – Ski lifts

Teaflex designs and manufactures cables protection also for gondolas, single and multi-cable gondolas, chairlifts, cable cars and funiculars,  ski lifts.

Whether it is a new installation or the modernization  of an existing one, Teaflex products must meet the safety requirements imposed by legislation  on passenger transport.

Special applications – Snowmakers

Snowmaking facilities make it possible to ski at medium-low altitudes and help to improve the quality of the bottom of ski slopes by removing stones and making slope grooming easier.

Our products are also used to produce snowmaker plants for artificial snow making.

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