In 1982, Teaflex, pioneer of an innovative and revolutionary system, was the first company to start in Italy, for the first time, the production and promotion of corrugated conduits, fittings, cable glands and complementary items in polyamide (nylon): a new and absolutely innovative range of articles that paved the way towards the markets dedicated to robotics and automation. Designers and machine builders who until then were confident to use metal conduits, therefore less versatile, for some specific applications, found themselves satisfied and enthusiastic about our nylon malleability conduits and fittings.

Jaw-fit system

In 2010 the “JAW-FIT SYSTEM” was born and we still call it in same way, a new patented range of fittings for corrugated polyamide conduits, capable of maintaining the electrical system in maximum safety.

10millions of meters of metallic, braided, polyamide conduits produced every year
12million fittings produced every year

Teaflex is a dynamic company, up to date, every day faces the challenges of the market, triggering a great capacity for innovation of the group. Thanks to an international agents’ network and associated companies, Teaflex has a global presence, providing qualified and high level contact.

Our conduits, fittings, cable glands and accessories are suitable for use in an exceptionally wide range of areas, from railway electrification and signaling, tunnelling plants, civil and industrial plants, to robotics, electric and nuclear power stations, machine tools and automotive, motorways, food industry, shipbuilding industry etc.

Since some years, we embraced the industry 4.0 philosophy, robotizing and automating production processes as much as possible to optimize our manufacturing capacity.

In this regard, in 2018, in our 10,000 sqm production plant in Biassono, we installed a very modern automated warehouse line, capable of speeding up even more our inventories and delivery times to the end customer. Advanced machinery for high quality products. A part of the current production area remains dedicated to future growth and investment projects.

Our R&D Laboratory

Another important investment, in addition to continuous improvements in terms of Research and Development, was the desire to have an internal R&D laboratory capable of testing our conduits, fittings and accessories both in metal and in polyamide materials, to better satisfy customer needs, especially in railway field.

Researching new chemical compounds and new products for our customers has become our mission. Thanks to our R&D laboratory, we are able to create new products with increasingly higher requirements to meet various international standards. We can carry out specific tests internally on tailor made and standard products, strictly checking raw materials purchased and finished products, to improve our articles quality more and more.

In our internal R&D laboratory, all quality tests are performed on samples taken during production.

Thanks to our quality control, we are able to offer to our customers the necessary attention and care to create new projects. Everything starts from understanding customer’s needs which has led our R&D department to develop a wide range of products, with different technical features and properties.

Results obtained, after years, demonstrate the strategic and synergistic choices of our group: growth is constant, thanks to the ability and willingness to invest and to provide the market with innovative and high quality solutions. Proof of this is our commercial leadership position achieved in some markets, both at European and worldwide level.

High quality standards that we undertake to offer, do not only concern our conduits, fittings, cable glands and accessories, but also extend to the technical service and assistance available free of charge to all customers. Teaflex technicians support companies and carry out both on-site and remote training activities. In this way, they can always guide the customer in all stages related to production, selling, promotion and distribution.

In addition to studies for new products mixtures research, Teaflex invests considerable resources in obtaining certifications issued by the best national and international Accredited Institutes, in order to guarantee the use of flexible polyamide and metal conduits, galvanized pipes, terminal fittings and complementary articles (cable glands, accessories) suitable for the protection of electric cables according to various standards in force.

Our Teaflex branded products are known and appreciated all over the world by international important clients with whom the company maintains long-standing commercial relationships.

Tomorrow’s goal will be to further expand our culture, quality and attention to detail and commitment to making something useful all over the world.

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